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About me.

Hi! I'm Markas and this is my blog for my junior English class. My goal is to give the best commentary on the latest sports happenings. I may not be much of an athlete but I really love to watch sports! My favorite sports are baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. I also get very excited about the Olympics every two years. I am not one to bloviate – only smart analysis here!

My favorite teams:
Michigan State University football and basketball
Detroit Tigers baseball
Arsenal (English soccer team based in North London)
Detroit Lions football
Any United States national team
Detroit Pistons basketball

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  1. Hey Markas, It's Nick, Some of my favorite teams are the oklahoma thunder Golden state warriors and the detroit pistions for NBA. In the Nfl I like the lion and in the NHL I go to hocktown in Detroit. My favroite sport is basketball and my second favorite is American football.